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Some of you are asking why there is a low amount of Riot Point Cards. We are currently having some problems with our servers. We expect this problem to be fixed during this month. Till then you still have the chance to generate Riot Point Cards, but not so many as before!

Currently, we have over 2500 cards available for use. Some of them are high value and some are low value. All you have to do is to download our generator below and then generate your Riot Points Card.
Instructions on using the Generator!
And have fun playing League of Legends
- Download the generator from the first link in the description box.
- Extract the file to any folder, anywhere you want.
- Open the generator
- Select all your options you wish to enable. MAKE SURE TO SELECT THE SERVER!
- Leave the generator open and start League of Legends
- Login and go to the main menu screen.
- Go back to the generator and press the button "Generate"
- Wait for the generator to get a riot points card from riot server.
- Go and use your card on LoL Shop in your client.
- That's it! Whatever you added should now be on your account